Movin on up, to…… The Mount

When you think of New Zealand you typically envision the rolling hills and expansive landscapes, and that’s exactly what my brother and I were looking for.  After three days in Auckland we hopped on a bus and headed for the mountains..  well one mountain in particular, Mount Maunganui.  After about a three and a half hour bus ride and armed with our backpacks we had finally arrived

.the mount

First thing we wanted to do was find a place to stay!  Hostels are great and they are cheap but we wanted something a little more long term as we had decided to stay in the Mount for a bit.  We were on a mission to find internet to both help in our search for employment and lodging.  We found our way into a little print shop that had a computer and internet available for a small fee.  The gentleman that owned this shop was extremely helpful, he gave us some leads on apartment rentals and also on some job opportunities in the area!  This is one thing I can’t stress enough, talk to locals, get as much information as you can from them, this will save you time and money in the long run!  The store owner steered us in the direction of Capri on Pilot Bay.  This was a self service apartment complex, that at peak time in the summer, would go for over $200 per night. Because it was off season for the tourism industry (what locals call winter) we were able to get a great weekly rate.  Check out the view we had from our balcony.  To the left was ocean, straight ahead was the Mount.Mt Maung Mt. Maung2

So day one in the Mount we accomplished 1 of our two goals, we secured long term lodging.  We moved in right away and set out to explore the beautiful mountain.  It has a circular track around the base of the Mount and a trail leading to the top.

We climbed trees

mt treeMt Chad

Herded some sheep.  (Funny story, before I left home to come to NZ, my coworkers asked me what I was going to do when I got there, I told them I was going to be a sheep herder.  So when we came across these furry guys I couldn’t resist the photo op).

.Mt sheepsheep

And we definitely enjoyed the view

Mt view Chad mt

What did we get up to in the Mount?  Did we find jobs?  Had I found my true calling as a sheep herder??

Stay tuned!